Work Package 1 Deliverables

Deliverable NoTitleAccess LevelLink
D1.1Data Management Plan PublicPDF
D1.2Quality ManualConfidential
D1.3Plan for innovation managementPublicPDF

Work Package 2 Deliverables

Deliverable NoTitleAccess LevelLink
D2.1User interaction requirementsPublicPDF
D2.2Risks for OSH and well-being and recommendation frameworkPublicPDF
D2.3Mental training specifications PublicPDF
D2.4sustAGE user-centered framework PublicPDF

Work Package 3 Deliverables

Deliverable NoTitleAccess LevelLink
D3.1Initial sustAGE communication API PublicPDF
D3.2Semantic and sentiment analysis of speech inputPublicPDF
D3.3 User multi-source localization and working-environment monitoringPublicPDF
D3.4Tracking of user behaviors and action recognitionPublicPDF
D3.5Final sustAGE communication API PublicPDF

Work Package 4 Deliverables

Deliverable NoTitleAccess LevelLink
D4.1Initial report on sustAGE temporal causality and reasoning on user micromomentsPublicPDF
D4.2sustAGE multi-modal state and trait estimation PublicPDF
D4.3Final report on sustAGE temporal causality and reasoning on user micromomentsPublicPDF
D4.4sustAGE Advanced personalized recommendations enginePublicPDF
D4.5Workforce status analyticsPublicPDF

Work Package 5 Deliverables

Deliverable NoTitleAccess LevelLink
D5.1sustAGE architecture definition and system orchestration specificationsConfidential
D5.2sustAGE MVP Integration ReportConfidential
D5.3sustAGE ICT ecosystem and Integration Report PublicPDF
D5.4HCI Knowledge base PublicPDF
D5.5Game-based training activities base PublicPDF
D5.6sustAGE Final Integration ReportPublicPDF

Work Package 6 Deliverables

Deliverable NoTitleAccess LevelLink
D6.1sustAGE evaluation strategy and ethics manual Confidential
D6.2MVP evaluationConfidential
D6.3First integrated prototype user evaluation and impact analysis PublicPDF
D6.4Final assessment report and impact analysis PublicPDF
D6.5Intervention study based on game-based cognitive trainingPublicPDF

Work Package 7 Deliverables

Deliverable NoTitleAccess LevelLink
D7.1Project Website and visual identityPublicPDF
D7.2Exploitation Strategy PublicPDF
D7.3Dissemination PlanConfidential
D7.4Interim Report on Dissemination and Communication Activities PublicPDF
D7.5 Initial Draft of Exploitation activitiesConfidential
D7.6Final Report on Dissemination and Communication ActivitiesPublicPDF
D7.7Exploitation plans and long-term sustainabilityConfidential