Aging-related cognitive decline impacts negatively older adults´ daily life resulting in dependency and dementia. Recent literature suggests neuroplasticity in the older brain and that physical activity1 and cognitive training2 might help to maintain cognition in OAs. Previous meta-analyses based on pooled data3 suggest that combined cognitive and physical interventions might produce larger benefits on cognition than cognitive or physical training alone. However, disagreements exist.

In this study, we conducted this three-level meta-analysis, computing 830 effect sizes from 54 studies published up to March 2020, synthesizing the training effects of 5.547 healthy older participants.

The objective was to find out whether multidomain training produces synergetic effects, and if it is more effective than single domain training in maintaining cognition.

The results suggest that combined interventions produce a synergetic effect on executive functions in comparison to the effect of each training component alone.

Download the poster here and read more about the method and the results of the study

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