The COVID-19 pandemic has not stopped the technical development of sustAGE. Although the current situation limited on-site testing, the technical team continued the development of the IoT ecosystem, and tested the different components in controlled environments in order to guarantee the readiness of the equipment and the corresponding technology once tests can be fully resumed on the pilot sites. The team has also benefited from remote access tools, which allowed the testing of several integration aspects on the sites.

Since the beginning of the project’s first integration cycle, the technical partners opted for scheduling weekly meetings to better monitor the technical developments across the integration of low-level sensing modalities from various IoT devices, the extraction of descriptors to model user- and context-related information, and the provision of the personalised recommendation system.

These aspects required different areas of expertise from consortium members, and joining efforts for a successful accomplishment of the project goals. The first lockdown in March 2020 intensified focused virtual meetings among sub-working groups, aiming to resolve specific challenges, so that technical developments and system integration proceeds according to the project timeline.

Following the conclusion of the first project cycle, the team is focused now on the technical implementation towards the first integrated prototype.