Heraklion Port uses “sustAGE” technology to protect workers safety, and assist them in their daily activities in order improve productivity – Evaluation of the Minimum Viable Prototype (MVP)

Workplace safety and good working conditions are areas of first priority for the management of the Heraklion Port Authority (HPA).

Through our participation in the “sustAGE” program, HPA is the first regional Greek port that has the opportunity to take advantage of the cutting edge technology in order to provide a better/safer working environment for staff working under adverse conditions (port workers, crane staff).

During the first phase of the program, a working prototype, integrating minimal functionality for the components was evaluated in terms of functionality and usability in real working conditions from a selected number of staff and partners of HPA.

The evaluation of the basic prototype also named as Minimum Viable Prototype (MVP) relied on validating sensor measurements, communication and basic interaction aspects of the system, system usability as well as the integration of basic scenarios in the system. More specifically, evaluation aim was at validating the technical performance of the sensors and monitoring modules, the integration of system components and application logic, the communication interface and GUI front-end usability as well as the usability of serious games for cognitive training.

With the use of the application the users could record their daily activities, receive useful recommendations (such as: alerts when the measurements received by the system showed signs of fatigue, when environmental conditions were not good), but also record speech samples to further support the training and analysis of data for the speech and sentiment analysis. Also, users played specially designed “cognitive games” that aim to enhance memory and measure reaction time.
The MVP phase acts as an initial demonstrator, and will drive the implementation of the other two releases and further drive the research and technology development in sustAGE.

The results from the MVP will form the basis for further improvements on technical performance (e.g. user and environmental monitoring, recommendation appropriateness (content/time) and user experience aspects of the system (e.g., familiarization, compatibility with user expectations, error tolerance, user acceptance and satisfaction).