Dr. Rossella Monferino and Ing. Massimo Di Pardo presented sustAGE via a roll-up poster and the official video at the Automation & Testing Fair in Turin, held in Turin from 12 to 14 February 2020.

This annual exhibition is dedicated to the world of Industry 4.0 and is focused on giving concrete answers to all the players in the Italian production chain on what Industry 4.0 is and why it’s important to know how to deal with it.

The A&T 2020 edition aims to be a gathering moment for all the players of the Italian industry, thanks to a large exhibition that counted over 15000 visitors in the 2019 edition, but also to the fact that this is an important moment for training and practicing, aimed at solving the problems that Italian SMEs face daily.

At the stand of FCA – World Class Manufacturing, CRF presented sustAGE within the innovation projects of the World Class Manufacturing Research & Innovation team. The aim was to provide a general overview of the objectives, activities, and perspectives of the project, particularly focusing on the goal to support employers and ageing employees to jointly increase well-being, wellness at work and productivity.

A particular insight was provided on the setting up of a dedicated pilot line in the World Class Manufacturing Campus located in Melfi, to be used as testing site for the manufacturing use case.

View the Poster Here