The importance of maintaining the older worker´s mind and brain healthy

Several mental abilities that depend on the prefrontal cortex and the medial temporal lobe-hippocampus complex, including processing speed, working memory (updating, maintenance and inhibition), and long-term episodic memory decline with aging. Thus, these are inherently linked with difficulties at work for older workers and limitations in the performance of the instrumental activities of daily living.

Game-based cognitive training as part of the sustAGE solution

Serious games are useful tools to maintain mental abilities that decline with age. Older adults prefer games that involve mental challenge instead of fast-moving action games. Importantly, it is known that playing games increases enjoyment that faded away slower over time in the gaming players compared to non-gaming players.

Serious games should attract the interest and enhance motivation, favoring the sustainable involvement of middle age and older players. In sustAGE, we recommend aged workers to play in a smart phone 4 to 6 short adaptive video games for 20-30 minutes, three times a week.

Physical exercise keeps older workers fit and healthy

Physical activity helps to improve physical and mental functions and keeps older workers fit and healthy. The evidence shows that the regular practice of physical exercise reduces the risk of suffering cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, obesity and cognitive decline.

In sustAGE, we assess the combined effect of cognitive video game training and physical activity in supporting the cognitive capacities of the older workers.