sustAGE aims to develop a person-centered smart solution, in close collaboration with occupational specialists, psychologists and end-users, aiming to support the employment and later retirement of older adults from work.

The project aims towards a paradigm shift in human machine interaction, building upon seven strategic technology trends, IoT, Machine learning, micro-moments, temporal reasoning, recommender systems, data analytics and gamification to deliver a composite system integrated with the daily activities at work and outside, to support employers and ageing employees to jointly increase well-being, wellness at work and productivity.

The sustAGE solution will support thee main dimensions Occupational Safety & Health, Personalized Recommendations and Workforce productivity.

The industry domains that can exploit such person-centered solutions are numerous; sustAGE explores two critical ones with significant challenges and requirements: manufacturing, and transportation & logistics.

Manufacturing Industry

Despite, the need for new organizational tools able to take into account age-related changes in workforce productivity, still not enough has been done to incorporate the human component into traditional scheduling theory in the most reliable way possible


Transportation & Logistics Industry

High physical and mental demands, beyond the capacity of individuals, contribute to build a negative work environment, thus there is a need to develop joint strategies between employees and the management of port work, to increase the physical and mental well-being when carrying out tasks



Develop and deliver a highly adaptive and person-centric service to support older adults in work life by creating a positive work environment to employee wellbeing

Develop smart environment technologies to improve occupational safety and health.

Enhance the perception and cognition of smart devices towards human-centered and intuitive human-computer interaction.

Develop and validate a solution in real-world environments, capitalizing on ICT innovations that will increase the competitiveness of EU industry by accommodating the ageing workforce.

Guarantee cost-effectiveness and create socio-economic benefits.